Home Warranty

  • What is it and why is it important?– It is important because it may cover any potential repairs that could arise during the first year of ownership.  Although we will work very hard to find any issues that would require repair, having the additional security of a home warranty provides peace of mind.
  • Who pays for it– I would recommend investing in a home warranty.  If the seller doesn’t offer it, you can request it in your offer.  If the seller won’t cover the cost of the warranty, I would strongly suggest that you look at obtaining one yourself.
  • How much does it cost– The warranty cost is fairly inexpensive, typically ranging from $350 – $500, depending on your location and your coverage.  Home warranty companies sometimes run special sales and either discount their prices or offer additional coverage for the same price.  The home warranties are pre-paid for one year and at the end of the contract can be renewed or canceled.
  • How do they work/what is covered– Check with your local home warranty companies as they differ, but generally if an appliance breaks down or stops working you can call the home warranty company and they will arrange to send someone out to fix the issue.  If the issue can not be fixed, depending on your warranty coverage, they will replace it.
  • What is not covered– Again, check with your local home warranty company as policies differ, but generally policies will not cover outdoor items, spa’s, pools, permit fee’s and haul-aways.