Home Inspection

Why do I need one?
If you are selling a home, getting inspections done in advance can expedite the sale and can also help to protect the seller from liability if anything is found wrong with the home after the sale.

If you are a buyer, getting inspections can help identify any potential problems that were not disclosed or were unknown to the seller so that the buyer can make an appropriate offer, or avoid entering into a transaction altogether.

What inspections are normally performed?

  • Home inspections cover numerous aspects within the home.  There are special area’s of interest you should know.
  • Pest Control inspections check the home for wood destroying insects, such as termites
  • Pool/Spa equipment inspections are optional for verifying that the equipment is in working order
  • Other optional inspections include Geological and Flood Hazard inspections, Soils/Geological inspections and on-site Asbestos and Mold inspections

What does a home inspection include? 

  • Roof and attic inspection
  • Wall, ceiling, floor, and structure inspection
  • Window and door inspection
  • Foundation and basement inspection
  • Heating and central air conditioning system inspection
  • Interior plumbing inspection
  • Interior electrical system inspection