Evergreen Valley

Evergreen Valley is located in Southeast San Jose, with the zip code of 95148. It is in Santa Clara County. The boundaries are Tully road to north US 101 to the west, San Felipe Road to the south and the East Foothills to the east.

Evergreen is a suburban residential area with several strip malls and general shopping centers. Evergreen is home to the Evergreen Valley Community College and located at the eastern edge of the area.

Evergreen is considered a lower middle class to upper middle class neighborhood and the population is 46,298.

Evergreen has a large number of Hispanic residents (western area) and Asian residents (eastern area). The western neighborhoods are mostly lower-middle class to middle class areas. The eastern neighborhoods are upper-middle class to upper class areas. The southern neighborhoods are home to multi-million dollar homes and the Silver Creek Valley Country Club, which is a gated upper-class community.

The Evergreen Valley Library is part of the San Jose Library System
It is located at 2635 Aborn Road, San Jose, CA 95121
Their contact phone number is (408) 808-3060
The Evergreen Times is a newspaper that is published weekly.
The Evergreen Valley area falls within the City of San Jose, Council District 8. You can view a lot of great information by clicking the links below.
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Local Schools

Schools within Evergreen Valley are part of 2 school districts,
Evergreen Unified School District
Evergreen Union High School District

They are located at 3188 Quimby Road San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 270-6800 Fax: (408) 274-3894 info@eesd.org

Schools within the district include:

Elementary Schools

3799 Cadwallader Avenue
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270 – 4950 (voice)
Principal: Tina Choy ~ tchoy@eesd.org
2702 Sugar Plum Drive
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 270 – 4958 (voice)
Principal: Robert Pruitt ~ rpruitt@eesd.org
3276 Cortona Drive
San Jose, CA 95135
(408) 270 – 6900 (voice)
Principal: Mary Helmer ~ mhelmer@eesd.org

Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School
3701 Rue Mirassou
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 223 – 4560 (voice)
Principal: Brian Martes ~ bmartes@eesd.org
Dove Hill Elementary School
1460 Colt Way
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270 – 4964 (voice)
Principal: Roberta Ortega ~ rortega@eesd.org
Evergreen Elementary School
3010 Fowler Road
San Jose, CA 95135
(408) 270 – 4966 (voice)
Principal: Steve Sweeney ~ ssweeney@eesd.org
Holly Oak Elementary School
2995 Rossmore Way
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 270 – 4976 (voice)
Principal: Chris Corpus ~ ccorpus@eesd.org
Laurelwood Elementary School
4280 Partridge Drive
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270 – 4983 (voice)
Principal: Linda Mora ~ lmora@eesd.org
LeyVa Middle School
1865 Monrovia Drive
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 270 – 4992 (voice)
Principal: Dolores Garcia ~ dgarcia@eesd.org
Tom Matsumoto Elementry School
4121 Mackin Woods Lane
San Jose, CA 95135
(408) 223 – 4873 (voice)
Principal: Jim Sherman ~ jsherman@eesd.orgMillbrook Elementary School
Millbrook Elementary School
3200 Millbrook Drive
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 270 – 6767 (voice)
Principal: Leila Welch ~ lwelch@eesd.orgJohn J. Montgomery Elementary School
John J. Montgomery Elementary School
2010 Daniel Maloney Drive
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270 – 6718 (voice)
Principal: Hedwig Rucker ~ hrucker@eesd.org

3241 Remington Way

San Jose, CA 95148

(408) 270 – 6726 (voice)
Principal: Dan Deguara ~ ddeguara@eesd.org

Silver Oak Elementary School
5000 Farnsworth Drive
San Jose, CA 95138
(408) 223 – 4515 (voice)
Principal: Carole Schmitt ~ cschmitt@eesd.org

James F. Smith Elementary School
2220 Woodbury Lane
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 532 – 2150 (voice)
Principal: Keith Hodgin~ khodgin@eesd.org

Katherine R. Smith Elementary School
2025 Clarice Drive
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 270 – 6751 (voice)
Principal: Lidia Vazquez ~ lvazquez@eesd.org

O.B. Whaley Elementary School
2655 Alvin Avenue
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 270 – 6759 (voice)
Principal: Lyn Vijayendran ~ lvijayendran@eesd.org

Middle Schools

Quimby Oak Middle School
3190 Quimby Road
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 270 – 6735 (voice)
Principal: Phil Bond ~ pbond@eesd.org

High Schools    

3300 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA 95148
408 347 7000 Phone
Principal: Phil Bond ~ Dr. Ana Lomas

Local Golf Courses:

Eastridge Mall is located on Tully Road and Capitol Expressway
Oakridge Mall is located on Blossom Hill Road, just on the Almaden border

Parks, Attractions & Recreation:

Sports Teams:

San Jose Sharks

San Francisco Giants
Oakland A’s

San Francisco 49er’s
Oakland Raiders

Golden State Warriors

Real San Jose

Arena Football
San Jose Saber Cats

Local Weather
The climate in most of the San Jose Bay Area has a Subtropical Mediterranean climate. San Jose typically has over 300 days of sunshine annually. The annual rain totals are approx 14.4” per year in the city itself. The Evergreen area gets considerably more. The city is located inland and is surrounded by mountains on 3 sides. The local mountains (list) do get a dusting of snow during the winter months but it is rare.

City of San Jose

City of San Jose, CA Population

San Jose Crime Reports

While San Jose has a large concentration of high-technology engineering,
computer, and microprocessor companies the Evergreen Valley has no major companies locating with the immediate area. Some of the major employers in San Jose include County of Santa Clara, Cisco Systems, City of San Jose, San Jose State University, Brocade Communications Systems, eBay, Hitachi, Kaiser Permanente, and Adobe Systems.

The city of San Jose has grown and expanded over the last 20 years. There
are many more transportation opportunities available. The Evergreen
Valley has VTA Bus and Light Rail transportation, paratransit, local
freeways nearby (Interstates 280, 680, 880, U.S. Route 101, State Routes
17, 82, 85, 87,130, and 237), the Highway 17 Express bus line, and the
San Jose International Airport.