“Stacy has been very helpful and professional in selling my house from the start to end.  She had provided me with detail information of comps before listing, and together we came up the list price, she was never pushy and had let me make my own decision.  She also took ownership and took care of all the details before open house, like getting information from HOA, getting quotes for repairs and working with the handymen.  She hosted every open house herself and updated me of the turnout and interest end of day.  When the time the offers came, she would work with the buyer agents to get the best price and let me make my final decision.  She followed through every step till the close of escrow.  I even got a binder with all the information related to the sales of my house.

One thing I like most about Stacy is she is very reliable, she did what she had said, she responded to all my text messages in a timely manner. She is someone that you can trust, and she will put your interest ahead of everything else…a true professional.”
~ LS


“Stacy Seymour is an awesome realtor!  She is professional, knowledgeable, personable and most importantly, she is very good at what she does.  She helped us navigate the complex real estate market to get top dollar for my dad’s house in Milpitas.  She proactively kept us informed during the selling process and patiently answered our many questions.  And she supports veterans by working through the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network, which we used for this sale. We highly recommend her!”
~Mark Smith


“We have had the pleasure of working with Stacy Seymour of Coldwell Banker on two transactions. The first related to purchase of a property about four years ago and the second when we sold the same property this year. We found her to be knowledgeable about the process of consummating the transactions as well as the legal ramifications surrounding them. She is detail-oriented but takes our needs and preferences into account. Throughout the entire process, she kept us informed at every stage. In making the final decisions, she presented us with the options, but let us make the final decisions. Stacy Seymour is true professional and a pleasure to work with. We recommend her enthusiastically for all your real estate needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.”
~Hema and P. C. Kumar


“Dear Stacy, to say you made my experience buying my new home enjoyable is an understatement. Your thoughtfulness, patience, and expert knowledge was such a comfort to me. You are a treasure to the industry, and to all of us who have the benefit of your gift for making our dreams come true. I would recommend you to all of my friends and colleagues. I hope to invite you to my open house once I have made all of the modifications.”


“We had the tremendous pleasure of working with Stacy recently to close on a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood! Earlier this year, upon a recent move to the Bay Area, we decided to make an appointment with Stacy to tour one of the many open houses to get a feel for what the San Jose area has to offer. Stacy was very friendly, approachable, and understanding of our situation, provided that we were newcomers facing a daunting & competitive real estate market. Even though we were not quite ready to take the plunge at the time, she took extra time out to explain the purchasing process to us, provide tips on how to secure a loan & protect ourselves against fraud, and recommend reliable lenders.

A few months later, when we had finalized plans to purchase a home, we decided to hire her as our realtor because she has not only a lifelong familiarity & extensive expertise in the Bay Area, but more importantly, a genuine desire to help new buyers find a home that fits their needs & budget.

Throughout our entire property search, Stacy was patient in addressing our needs, listening to all concerns, and answering any questions. She introduced us to new neighborhoods & homes beyond our immediate consideration to make sure that all options were available to us. With tight deadlines imposed by such a fast-moving market, she would work diligently through the night to put together our offers and keep all communication channels open.

Her professionalism, due diligence, and dedication to helping her clients are second to none. We are ever so grateful and highly recommend her for any potential home buyers out there! “
~Jeff & Angela


“I decided that it was time for me to move on to the next stage of my life, time to get a place I can call truly call Home. This was a very scary concept as it’s one of the largest purchases I will ever make and in a sector that I know almost nothing about. Thankfully, I had the support of whom I would consider “the best of the best”, Stacy Seymour. I had cold feet for the better part of a year, I just wasn’t ready. I wanted to do some research and make sure that I was making the right choice. Stacy was right there to support me. She provided me with the information I needed to get more and more comfortable with my decisions. When I wanted to debate my options, she was there with logic and reason. At one point I was considering a type of home that wasn’t the right option for me. Stacy was there to give me the hard facts I needed to make the right choice, and I am thankful for this. Having someone on your side that is actually looking out for you as an individual, and not the eventual payday is a blessing.

When I was ready to give up, she was there to support me. My fear that I was going to be taken for a ride were dispelled by the fact that I had someone by my side with the knowledge to navigate the storm and the compassion to keep me positive and motivated. Stacy was always available to answer my questions, sometimes twice. When I needed some real estate jargon translated, she was there for that too. When my purchase stalled due to some documentation, she hit the streets to get the paperwork and was on the phone with the right folks. Today, I am settling into my new home and it feels like a dream come true. While she will never admit it, Stacy is the one that made this all happen, and I look forward to the day that I get to work with her again. If you are not a real estate pro, or are repulsed by the general sleaze of some real estate agents… Call Stacy Seymour… you will not regret it.”


“Stacy does excellently and great with all her heart, as if she is the one in place of us. We are put our trust in her.  We are thumbs up.  You are priceless.  We are grateful you as our Realtor.  You never lose hope and always find and alert us to what is happening or what should happen next.  Every update and communication with us are very valuable and I never lost hope and trust in your ability to success in your project. Our family appreciates your good work.”


“Just want to share our great experience with Stacy Seymour.

This woman is OUTSTANDING!!!

We’ve been away for quite some time now, as we are a family serving in the United States Navy.  After 22+ years, we decided to find a home near our family (San Jose CA) and upon our return to the US, Stacy was introduced to us by the Realty Plus Program through NFCU.

Looking for houses is not that difficult…finding a home is another story.  It is a long and tedious process, much more one in San Jose with our budget.  But NOT with Stacy, she stayed with us, listened patiently, and answered our questions.  She consistently performed at a high level, and dedication and determination to succeed in every endeavor.

Finally, with prayers, patience, and hard work…we got through it and not living the dream, of finally having something we can call “Our Home”.

Thank you Stacy!  Your assistance is nothing short of astounding…A TRUE FIVE STAR!”
~Renier & Liza


“Stacy Seymour is a great agent. She recently helped with the sale of my old house and the purchase of a new condo. Previously she helped with the purchase of a house for my daughter.

During the sale of my home, Stacy offered advice on what items should be fixed and what items did not need to be fixed. She also offered advice on how to best present the home to prospective buyers. She made herself available when contractors needed someone at the house so that I didn’t have to miss work. She even helped with things like paint touch ups and pulling up old carpets. She also did a good job of marketing the house and quickly found a buyer.

During the search for my new home, Stacy was very patient with me when I wanted to look at lots of condos before picking a new place. She was also helpful in negotiating a good price with the seller. I can’t imagine a better real estate agent than Stacy.”


“Stacy is very professional and a top notch agent.”


“Stacy was a great teammate in our efforts to buy a home. Being new to the area we were unfamiliar with all aspects of the local housing market. She helped match our requirements and financial capability to the available house inventory and area neighborhoods. When it came time to being pursuing specific homes she advised us on strategy and the steps necessary to have an offer accepted. She also worked hard to accommodate our busy schedule and even asked a co-worker to help us when she was unable to meet.  In the end we found a home in just over a month and closed in two. Definitely a success. Based on our experience we recommend Stacy as your realtor when purchasing in the South Bay region.”


“I worked with Stacy Seymour on the purchase of my 2300+ sq ft, 5 bedroom, 2.5 bedroom property.  I like and appreciate Stacy’s way of work and professionalism. She always remained on top of things, introduced me to the purchase process and was really attentive to details.

My whole purchase process was very smooth and pleasant: I started shopping for the house around the end of October, 2015 and I felt myself empowered to make my final purchase move just two weeks since we started.

Also, Stacy played important role in successful aggressive re-negotiating a sell price 15,000 down to address newly revealed issues with remodeling.

I closed my escrow on December 3rd which is just month and a week since I was introduced to Stacy. This aggressive timeline is telling by itself. In addition, Stacy always was ready to accommodate short-notice late evening appointments at property-site and assisted a lot in getting various construction / remodeling estimates. This assistance played a crucial role in right gauging of how property purchase price and remodeling price will play against final property value.

Overall, it is my pleasure to recommend Stacy as a professional, diligent and dedicated real-estate agent.”


“Patient, ever smiling, educated about every step of the house buying process. Whether you are wet behind the ear or a seasoned buyer, Stacy will work with you from A-Z and go above and beyond what is expected. My wife and I are very pleased to have chosen her services and our first home buying experience was not only fun but also educational!   Thank you Stacy for all the help.”
~Arjun & Mythili


“We would highly recommend Stacy Seymour for buying a house and especially first time buyers. Stacy helped us in each and every step as we were first time buyers and had lots of doubts & concerns. Though it took more than 2 years for us to find the house that we liked, Stacy showed greater interest on our house search and helped every offer that made with high professionalism. She was very proficient, skillful and had greater control what she was doing. She was very helpful and showed greater patency in explaining and making us understand the disclosures. She had been always prompt & quick in responding to our queries and request. She had been suggesting us different opinions and educated us in making the right decision. Buying a house is like dream for everyone and she helped us fulfill ours. We are grateful to

Stacy and she is one of the best person that we have worked with.”
~Venkata & Nirupama


“Thanks gain for the successful close. You were wonderful to work with.  Hope our paths cross again.”


“Absolutely! We want to work with Stacy again – she was GREAT ! “


“Thank you, Stacy.  As we said before, we feel like the congratulations belong to you.  Without you, this would not have happened.  I hope you are satisfied with the outcome.  You are very much appreciated.”


“Thanks for representing us during our recent sale of our house.  We found her to very responsive and attentive to details which made our roles a lot easier.  As well as communicative at keeping us in the loop as the house was on the market through close.”  ~Jim / Stephanie

“As to the excellent services rendered by you from the beginning to the end of the transaction, I am very positive that we won’t be able to get a better and more satisfactory agent.  You are highly recommended by us.”


“My realtor’s name is Stacy Seymour. I have been working with her since May and although we haven’t purchased a home yet, she is just the best.  I have been looking for a condo on a tight budget and I didn’t even have much funds but never did I once feel that she treated me differently.  She made me feel like I can afford the best home in the world.  We have viewed a lot of properties and have made a few offers but nothing came through yet due to a bunch of different reasons.  There’s a few times that I was almost ready to give up and felt like I needed more time and more savings to actually make things happen but she never lost hope and kept encouraging that we keep looking.  I love the positivity in her! She is definitely a great asset to your company! I’ve met a lot of realtors and I know buying a home is not an easy thing.  With Stacy, I know she has my best interest at heart and will help me find the home of my dreams! =)”


“You were phenomenal, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”


“You were the best.  We went above and beyond our expectations.   Thank you.”
~Nar & Arup


“I would like to thank you for all you did for me in last few months.  You did not act like my real estate broker but like friend and I appreciate for everything.  May God bless you and your family and hope we will work with each other one more time in near future.”  ~Robert

“You were awesome.  Thank you for all of the suggestions on the home.  I would have never made all of the improvements and really didn’t think I was going to get much for the home.  I home looked amazing.  I enjoyed working with you.”
~Mike (Evelyn)


“We recently engaged Julie Tornincasa and Stacy Seymour to sell our condo in San Jose. During the pre-sale preparations, we were given good advice on price point, staging and presentation. We received an offer during the first weekend of listing at the asking price, and we were advised that the buyers were well qualified.

During the post-offer period, Stacy helped us to clear the property and sell items of furniture that we no longer required.

The sale proceeded without a hitch and is now closed.

We can certainly recommend Julie and Stacy as agents in the San Jose market.”
~Alan and Carolyn


“Thank you, Stacy. As we said before, we feel like the congratulations belong to you. Without you, this would not have happened. I hope you are satisfied with the outcome. You are very much appreciated.”


“I would definitely recommend Stacy Seymour for selling a house in the San Jose area. She was extremely helpful throughout the process, very professional, and very knowledgeable. Her real estate listing of the property was lovely, and I’m sure helped sell the property. She also recommended several professionals for various tasks that needed doing before I could sell, and each of her recommendations did exactly what was promised. If I find myself in the market again soon, I would again use Stacy as my agent.”


“I would highly recommend Stacy Seymour to anyone who wants to work with a skilled, competent, and professional agent. Not only did she do what was required she helped by driving miles after normal working hours to get papers singed and filed on time. Buying a house is not easy and sometimes it is very difficult sometimes you have to use different lenders.  My house was a very difficult process and may not have gone through without her expert and professional help.”
~John & Daniel


“You did such a wonderful job.  We really appreciate everything you did for us.  You did more than anyone else has done for us.  We could not have purchased the home without your help.”
~Mike & Carol